Internet of Energy Bootcamp

Harness the power of digital technology to drive competitive edge.

Master the power of digital technology to drive innovation.

Translate Big Data into business intelligence for your organization.


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The Digital Transformation of the Energy Sector

Innovation theories and models

Disruptive innovation

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Why choose this course?

Digital disruption is creating opportunities and challenges in the energy sector. Staying ahead of the curve means understanding the trends, building the skills and mastering the techniques to drive innovation and competitive edge.

Who is this course for?

The course is designed for senior business development and technical professionals in European energy utilities and in other industries feeling the impact of digital transformation.

What will I learn?

You will:

  • Master techniques to convert big data into consumer and network intelligence for your organisation.
  • Learn to manage privacy and cyber-security.
  • Understand how startups and disruptive business models can be leveraged for competitive advantage.
  • Deploy all of this to design and deploy innovative business solutions and position your organisation ahead of the curve.

“Artificial Intelligence can leverage the huge datasets that the energy industry is producing to build models that can greatly impact how we consume and produce energy. It can model how energy is produced by renewable resources, improving forecasting, it can also understand how energy is consumed, optimizing resources and achieving a better demand-response management.”
Gianluca Mauro, AI Academy


The Internet of Energy Bootcamp is an innovative, blended online and face-to-face learning experience that delivers advanced, entrepreneurial content laser-focused on the needs of your business. Designed to optimize flexibility and ease of learning, while maximising impact, the course follows three distinct steps.

Step 1
Understanding the landscape – online

An online dive into how digital transformation is disrupting the energy sector. Through video, online interviews, articles and case study presentations, you will examine three critical questions:

  • What are the parameters of digital disruption?
  • What are the challenges?
  • What are the opportunities?

Step 2
Mastering the technology – online

An online programme that teaches you technology, the techniques and the business model frameworks to lead innovation in your organisation. You will explore three different thematic areas:

  • Big Data and AI
  • Privacy and cyber-security
  • Innovation in business models

Step 3
Bringing it all together – face-to-face in Lisbon

Meet your fellow participants, course directors, thought leaders and industry experts face-to-face in Lisbon in September. You will spend four intensive days in project-based work, developing and sharing cutting-edge business concepts.

Course Partners

InnoEnergy partners with world-class academic institutions to deliver the Internet of Energy Bootcamp. Our partner eco-system draws on the combined expertise of thought leaders from top European universities, industry experts and futurists and leading investment advisors.

Training for senior officers and managers in businesses where technology is a critical strategic factor.

Education provider of Europe’s largest application-oriented research organization

Experts in data analytics for Energy Utilities, Energy Service Companies and end-users.

Empowering businesses and individuals to unleash Artificial Intelligence’s potential.

Portugal’s leading school of architecture, engineering, science and technology.